An ad for Switchwater, white text and images on a black background. At the top, in the same thin, Art Deco style font as the series logo, is the word Broodhollow. Underneath that, in a smaller, thicker type are the words "Improved Formula," decorated at both sides with a small scroll.

The two lines of type are curved gently around the top of an oval logo, and underneath the logo is the word "Switchwater" in large, thick type. The logo is a design of five trees on a hill, with a man swinging an axe at the middle tree. The trees are heavily stylized, and look very unnatural and geometric, made almost entirely of straight lines. There are small scroll patterns on each side of the oval.

Underneath the word "Switchwater" are two taglines, "From Elder Copses" and "Contains No Alcohol". Between them is a small leaf pattern. Underneath that are the words "Brewed From Cylinder-Aged Switchbark From Stillwood Forest." In small type at the base of the ad are the words "161 Proof Equivalence" and "Imbibe with Discretion," separated by a small scroll.

Poster Edit

The poster that is available from the Chainsawsuit Shop omits the "Proof" and "Imbibe" tags and adds the following:

It can't hurt to ask! Especially when nine times out of ten you'll be rewarded with the rich, honest flavor of Broodhollow's Own Switchwater. It's "brewed in glass and aged in brass," just as any good switchwater should be. And it's one-hundred percent alcohol free — say! Now that surely is pure refreshment! Bottled and distributed by Royalist Brewing Co., Broodhollow, W.Va.

A crown separates the first and second word.

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