The Broodhollow Courier-Post is the town newspaper for Broodhollow, West Virginia. It is a member of the Associated Press and is published by J. Bolthook & Co. The newspaper's motto is "Our Past, Our Foundation". Occasionally, the newspaper will publish an evening edition.[1]

Published editions Edit

Tuesday evening, November 12, 1933

Stories on the front page included the Ouster Eve celebration and the bats that were seen there, and a report on the discussions of what to do with three vacant lots on Walnut Avenue. Weather appeared to be brisk and partly cloudy.[1]

Wednesday, November 13, 1933

Stories on the front page included the discovery a previously-unknown sub-basement at the Harker Mansion, an opinion on that discovery, and the news that there would be further construction delays at the Edenvale air strip. The weather was reported as being cold through November, but fair and mild for Broodhollow that day.[2]

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