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The background is black.

Panel 1

Mercy is making small eee noises as she continues flapping her wings near the skeleton's head, the hurried motion of her movements represented by thin white lines around her wings. The skeleton is trying to protect himself with his arms, his bright eyes turned down to the ground. Zane grits his teeth and thinks "*Mercy!* Buying me time she's buying me *time* smells like burning like *burned wood a burned room the fire*." The last two words are larger than the rest of them.

Panel 2.

There is a larger than usual space between Panel 1 and

Panel 2. A close-up of Zane's wrist, tied to the post with thick rope. Small motion lines around his hand and the rope show how tightly he is bound and how desperately he is struggling.
Panel 3.

As Zane tries to free himself, his whole body moving, seeming to concentrate very hard and gritting his teeth, he thinks "*This post!* The wood is... *weak!*" There are motion lines on the post behind him, indicating that it's moving slightly as well.

Panel 4.

There is a larger than usual space between Panel 3 and Panel 4. The skeleton brings his elbow up, hitting Mercy sharply. The impact is shown with three little stars. The skeleton says "Be." Then, in a closely connected speech bubble, continues "*Gone.*" Mercy, her eyes closed, has one wing folded over her body and appears to be falling down headfirst.

Panel 5.

Zane breaks the post itself in two, the old wood splintering and coming apart right behind his head. He pulls his hands free, gritting his teeth.

Panel 6.

He pushes the blindfold up over his forehead. His eyes are blank and terrified, and his mouth is wide open.

Panel 7.

The skeleton is bringing both arms up, covering its face with its clawlike hands. Thread hangs in loops from his elbows, and small dots of light from its eyes can be seen despite its effort to cover itself up. In large text, it makes a "Hhhssiis" noise that starts and ends outside the panel, covering a large part of the panel in a large line.

Panel 8.

Zane, still holding the blindfold and looking terrified, says in a tiny, quavering voice, "It's him."

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