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The background is white.

Panel 1

Osgood, with a serious and concerned look on his face, says "Now, Planchett! There's no need to *scare* the man, I assure you!" Zane has his arms crossed over his chest, and he looks a little exasperated as he says "Yes, I *also* assure you!"

Panel 2.

Zane, Osgood and Planchett are shown in silhouette. Osgood is walking away from Planchett, with Zane right behind him. Planchett, with one hand on his hip and his other hand holding his drink, watches them go. Osgood says "Virgil must have thought *highly* of you, and that's good enough for *me*." Zane, holding out his hands in a questioning gesture, says "That's just it... The executors here seemed to have so much trouble *finding* me, though I was *named* in Virgil's letter..."

Panel 3.

Zane, still holding out his hands and looking confused, continues, "And then there's Iris Bellweather's *father* -- the circumstances of his *death* --" Osgood, facing away from Zane, looks down, a sad look on his face as he gestures and says "Tragic. The poor girl. Horace was a good man." Osgood is cutting Zane off, as shown by the way their speech bubbles overlap. Behind them is a figure in shadow, a man with a squared-off head.

Panel 4.

Zane continues, reaching towards the mayor and looking rather insistent, "Yes, but... *When* do you remember hearing about --" Osgood, shutting his eyes, claps his hands and says "By Janus! Let's have a *less morbid* diversion!" Short white lines coming from his hands indicate the sharp sound of his clap.

Panel 5.

The owner of the Hotel Umbra says "Shall I do the honors?" He is standing to the side, holding open a box of cards. The box is large enough to hold three stacks of cards side by side, and on the inside of the box's cover are three cards pasted side by side. The box itself appears to be made of a dark wood with gold edging, and is lined with a dark blue fabric. There is a design on the backs of the cards, but it cannot be made out. Zane looks at him and the box and Mayor Osgood says with a smile, "Yes! *Exactly* what the evening calls for! A few lively hands! Who's in?" In this panel, the reader sees for the first time that the carpet of the room is red.

Panel 6.

Zane says with obvious trepidation, "Oh, I don't know how to play." Planchett, standing to the side with his hands on his hips, looks suspiciously at him, his teeth gritted, and says "*Already* bluffing. Deal him in last."

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