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Panel 1

Iris leans forward, saying "The *mayor* is in on it?!" Zane leans forward, holding his hands to his face in a gesture of secretiveness and looking anxiously to the side. He whispers "Shhh! Yes! Maybe he heads the society!"

Panel 2.

Iris says, "What would *they* know? As far as I know, no one else remembers my father is... gone, either --" Zane looks away from Iris, holding one hand to his forehead and saying with a worried look, "I *saw* her, Iris. Young Maddy. In the desk drawer."

Panel 3.

A shadowy, ghostly image of Maddy's face appears behind Zane as he says "She was right where I found the Skull and Shovels insignia pin. She was *waiting* for me. Like she knew Virgil had left the pin for *me* to find." Zane's eyes are blank and scared, and he starts nervously sweating again.

Panel 4.

Iris, holding the book to her chest, says "What did you do?" The book has a paper sticking out of the top, and there are some more papers she's holding behind it. Zane looks down, a worried look on his face, and says "I closed the drawer on her. I *got away*. I think... I think maybe I'm here to *stop* her."

Panel 5.

Iris replies "Then I'll do whatever I can to help you. Zane notices the papers she's holding behind the book, his gaze represented by short lines coming from one of them, and says "You're already taking notes on those history books?"

Panel 6.

Iris replies "Oh, no. Not about history. About my father. I just... don't... want it to happen again." She holds the book down, so that Zane can see the notes. The note tucked inside the book is apparently a birthday card, and the top part of it says "Happiest Of Birthdays." On top of the book is a picture of Iris and her father. The inscription reads "Your Sweet 16th XO." Iris is standing next to her father and smiling. He is wearing a suit, a hat and glasses. Above that is a handwritten note, written in Iris' loopy cursive. The first sentence says "You loved your father." The second sentence, partially covered up by her hand, says "His name was ... Bellweather ... loved... "

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