Book 1 emblem Book 1: Curious Little Thing Page 78: An Errand of Mercy
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The background is white.

Panel 1

Mercy is hanging upside down in front of the Broodhollow Library, her wings folded around herself and her eyes open.

Panel 2.

Mercy opens her mouth and makes an "eeeee" noise, the activation of her sonar indicated by concentric circles that start from her face and cover the entire panel.

Panel 3.

While still hanging from the library front, Mercy spots a bee flying in front of the library. The sky in the background is blue, with soft, fuzzy clouds, and the sun is shining brightly.

Panel 4.

Mercy, still activating her sonar as shown with the "eeee" noise and the multiple thin circles, flies over the bee.

Panel 5.

Something attracts her attention in mid-air, and she turns her head quickly, as shown by two motion lines near her head, and a large red exclamation point appears above her head.

Panel 6.

There are two large bushes with small pink flowers behind her, with a swarm of bees flying above them. In the background are several Broodhollow buildings and the cheerful midmorning sky. This panel is shown without the rigid black lines that border most panels, which gives it a rather dreamlike, soft quality.

Panel 7.

Mercy is back to hanging from the top of the Broodhollow library. Her stomach is bulging, with short lines coming from it to indicate its fullness, and she's smiling and licking her lips.

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