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The background is white.

Panel 1

The Broodhollow library, a large, stately building with a wide staircase and two columns by the front door. Mercy is hanging upside down near the front door. From inside, Zane's voice is saying "I'm looking for something on Broodhollow *history*. Ideally a public records section..." A librarian answers, "Anything in particular?"

Panel 2.

Zane, who still has the bandage on his head and bags under his eyes, is standing in front of a librarian's desk. The librarian is a black woman in her 30s with half-moon glasses and a thistle pinned to her dress. Behind them are shelves of books. Zane asks, "About a town fire? That happened in the mid-1800s?" The librarian answers "Ah. A history buff, hmm?" Zane says "Er, not really. Just curious."

Panel 3.

The librarian asks "Wouldn't happen to be staying at the Hotel Umbra, are you?" Zane looks surprised, opening his eyes wide and raising his hands to his chest. Short lines from his head indicate his shock. He says "How did you know that?!" The librarian answers "You're that new fella, and no one can spend a night there without some old fool running his mouth about *quote Young Maddy unquote*."

Panel 4.

The librarian holds up a large book and says "We've a book or two about the events of the fire, but poor Madeline Delueur gets all the attention. She was an orderly, helping burn victims. The Hotel Umbra was used for *triage* at the time."

Panel 5.

She continues, "The *least* outrageous account is, late one night she witnessed someone stealing from a cadaver. It cost her her life." Zane listens to this with dismay, his mouth open and sweat dripping from his head.

Panel 6.

Zane and the librarian are shown in silhouette, with only the x-shaped bandage on Zane's head being shown. Zane asks, "Who killed her?" The librarian replies, "Someone who *really* didn't like being watched."

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