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The background is white.

This comic, instead of following the regular Broodhollow format, is made to look like a three-panel black-and-white comic strip scanned in from a newspaper comic page. Above it is another comic strip, mostly cut off, and to its right is another comic. It is titled "Cadavre" and at the top right is a note saying "Registered U.S. Patent Office." In the text attached to the comic, Straub wrote "In the meantime, enjoy Cadavre, a syndicated comic strip which appeared in many national newspapers for almost two decades, having its heyday in the 1930s."

Panel 1

The skeleton, Cadavre, is standing next to a skeleton cat who is basking in the sunlight from a nearby window. He is drawn in a rounded, cartoonish 1930s style and wearing black pants, a black and white striped shirt and a black beret, like a stereotypical Frenchman. He looks concerned and is bringing his hands up to his face, saying "Could I be pre-destined to worry about predestination?" His speech bubbles are soft and rounded, and the font used is the same that was used in strip 57, when Zane encountered Cadavre.

Panel 2.

Bringing his arms down in front of him in a quick, intense gesture, he closes his eyes and, addressing the cat, says "Do you ever worry if you are predestined to lie in sunbeams, wherever they may fall?" The cat continues to sleep in the sunlight, not paying any attention to Cadavre.

Panel 3.

Cadavre lays down on the floor, facing the sleeping cat with his head resting on his arms. He says "Ah, the predestination makes decisions quite simple, non?"

To the left of the last panel is a strip, mostly cut off, called "The Weasel." An old man wearing a suit with wrinkles around his mouth is sitting at a table, gesturing. Most of the text is cut off, but he says "Now see here... We're gonna... In a lot of trouble... If we can't co... Her to quit! B..." The text, speech bubbles and drawing are all in a very different style.

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