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Panel 1

Zane and Dr. Angstrom are sitting across from each other at a small round table, drinking tea or coffee. Dr. Angstrom says, "Mr. Zane, do you know Ockham's Razor?" Zane is startled, thin yellow lines coming from his head to show his surprise, and he nearly jumps out of his seat as he yells in large text "*Where*?!" He jostles the table, and his cup rattles around in its saucer, the steaming liquid inside sloshing to one side. Dr. Angstrom continues calmly "It says that the outcome requiring the fewest assumptions is likely true."

Panel 2.

Dr. Angstrom puts his fingers together in front of his face and says "Not that mass hysteria doesn't make its *own* assumptions, but I think it's much more likely a case than the *paranormous*. The more you investigate your ghost angle, the less hard data you'll find. Maybe it will be a *revealing exercise* for you." Zane settles back into his seat, the drink in front of him still.

Panel 3.

Zane looks at Dr. Angstrom, his expression annoyed and determined, one eyebrow raised. He raises his cup at Angstrom, the liquid nearly splashing out of one side, and says "Oh, I have no doubt that once everyone sees what *I* saw, you'd *get* your mass hysteria." Angstrom replies "It may do you *good* to embark on a little "wild ghost chase", so to speak!" Whether it's my imagination or deliberate I can't say, but the steam coming from Zane's cup looks almost like a stylized skull, with two holes and three little lines coming down.

Panel 4.

Dr. Angstrom says "*I* propose that the solution to both your problem *and* Miss Bellweather's lies in Broodhollow's *psyche!*" Zane, leaning back in his chair and folding his arms over his chest, looks unconvinced as he says "And *I'll* see what I can dig up on young Maddy, and we'll see who gets further!"

Panel 5.

Mercy is flying above Dr. Angstrom's head as he says "I'll study what I can here in my library. Someone should stay here for when poor Iris awakes. Where will you begin? The storied *Hotel Umbra*?" Zane has left the table, leaving his nearly full cup at his seat.

Panel 6.

Zane strides out of the room, Mercy following him. He, Mercy, Dr. Angstrom and the table are all shown in silhouette. Zane says in large text, "*No!*" Then, in normal text, "Um. Not the hotel. This all started with what brought me here. *The antiques shop*. And that back room where my grand-uncle lived until he didn't."

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