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The background is white.

Panel 1

Zane and the Bottlefly Boys are sitting at the bar still. Zane's empty glass and the bat cage are next to him. He is resting his arms on the bar, one hand supporting his head, and looking at Maurice. He's very drunk, indicated by his wobbling shoulders and little bubbles and stars floating around his head, and there are deep lines under his eyes. He says, "...And she looked a *lot* like the *hic* ones I saw in that alleyway the night before! But Dr. Angstrom said it's just nerves, and you know what, maybe it *hic* was."

Panel 2.

Maurice leans over, looking at Zane, and says "No wonder you were all jumped up! You were wound *tighter* than a *ten-day clock!* *We* know what we saw that night. No giant killer bats, no *ghosts*..."

Panel 3.

Zane stands up and turns towards Maurice, hunched over slightly, still wobbling and drunk. He closes his eyes, raises his eyebrows, holds up his index finger, and says "Well, if I see a ghost in *my* hotel room again, I'm gonna tell her -- I'm gonna tell her quote *No ghosts allowed* unquote. Show *her*." Maurice stands up, facing Zane with his hands on his hips, and says "*Haw haw!* Pretty brave!" There are two glasses in front of Zane's bar stool, both empty, one standing up and one knocked over next to Mercy's cage. There are lines of bottles behind the bar.

Panel 4.

Zane leans in closer to Maurice, and smiling widely, his eyes still closed and his eyebrows still raised, says "Better *not* be making fun of me, because it *is* brave." Maurice, leaning towards Zane and smiling widely right back, says "*Haw haw!*" Zane says "*Haw haw!* Ha."

Panel 5.

Morris, behind Maurice, puts his hand on Maurice's shoulder and, smiling broadly, says "This guy's *all right.*" Maurice, still looking at Zane, says "You're a little guy, Wadsworth, but you got *guts!* Whaddya say we make you an honorary Bottlefly Boy?"

Panel 6.

The background colors so far have been warm, laid-back purples and reds, but the background of this panel is a sickly greyish-green. Zane says "I'll drink to that... *Mmllpggh*" Most of his face is hidden by the edge of the panel, but we can see one eye opened widely, part of one inflated cheek and sweatdrops coming from his head. The little bubbles around his head indicating drunkenness are still floating around his head, but now there are also little wavy lines coming from his head indicating nausea and vomiting. Maurice puts his hands out in front of him and, smiling, says "*You just did the opposite! Haw!*" Morris is smiling too, behind Maurice.

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