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The background is white.

Panel 1

Maurice and Zane are sitting side by side at the bar with their drinks, which are tall glasses of a dark, foamy liquid. Maurice looks very relaxed, one arm on the bar and the other held up to his head, while Zane is hunched over, holding his drink with both hands and looking anxiously to the side. Music is playing in the background. Maurice asks, "What's bothering you, Wadsworth? Is it a girl? It's *always* a girl!" Zane answers, in small type, "I suppose one of them *was* a girl once. Ha ha."

Panel 2.

Zane, still looking anxious, looks towards Maurice and says "I've just... seen and heard a lot of *odd things* the past few days. I never thought of myself as superstitious... But... Have you boys ever seen anything... *supernatural*?"

Panel 3.

Maurice holds up his glass and, looking at Zane, he says "*Haw haw!* Well, Broodhollow is a real old town, and every old town has its share of *stories*. I remember all *kinds* of tales from when I was a young man. ... Probably helped keep my nose out of trouble! Didn't help enough, I guess! *Haw!*"

Panel 4.

Zane replies, still looking anxious, "I know but... did you ever... actually *see* anything? Like a spirit, or a ghost -- *Oh!* Have you heard the legend of *young Maddy*? A ghost at the Hotel Umbra?" Maurice replies "Not myself, no. Never been in a fancy hotel."

Panel 5.

He continues, "Always a kernel of truth to every ghost story! A tiny one. Maybe a young lady *did* die in that hotel, and that just *stuck* with someone. Enough to tell a story about. That story gets spread around and changes, and you got a *legend* on your hands! Right?" Zane, still hunched over, replies "I suppose." The two of them are shown in silhouette.

Panel 6.

Maurice leans towards Zane, smiling widely enough that it shows up underneath his large, droopy mustache. He says "Now enough about ghosts and nonsense! Tell us what's *really* on your mind! Tell us about *you and Miss Bellweather!*" Zane leans back, so shocked that little cartoonish lines come from his face, his mouth wide open and his eyes blank and startled. He says "*I -- Miss -- What?!"

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