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The background is white.

Panel 1

Maurice, with his knuckles poised to knock on the door in front of him, looks back at Zane and says "Let us do the talking, Wadsworth. We're regulars." Zane is holding the cage in front of him and looking slightly anxious, frowning and sweating.

Panel 2.

A small, rectangular hole opens up at eye level in the door, and the eyes and forehead of a wrinkled, suspicious-looking black man can be seen. He says "Boys." Maurice answers "We got a guest tonight, Bull." Bull replies "Oh? Is he invisible?"

Panel 3.

We see the outside through Bull's point of view. Maurice's squinty eyes, forehead and part of his hair and hat are visible through the small window, and the two other Bottlefly Boys are behind him, smiling. Zane is standing next to Maurice, but only the top of his tuft of hair is visible. Maurice says "No, he's just down here. But he's good."

Panel 4.

Bull, standing behind the door, opens it for them, one eye still visible through the hole. Maurice goes through, followed by a nervous Zane and a smiling Morris.

Panel 5.

Once all four of them are inside, Maurice says "Welcome to the *Noble Experiment!* The two other boys look cheerful, and Zane is looking around, partially deeply nervous and partially fascinated. He's hugging the bat's cage tightly to his chest with both arms. It is a largish room, with music playing indicated by floating musical notes in the background. There are some small, circular tables covered with tablecloths. One in the background has two indistinct figures sitting at it with half-filled glasses, and one in the foreground has a man with his head lying on the table, small bubbles over his head indicating drunkenness. There's a pool of liquid on the tablecloth and an empty glass that has fallen to the floor next to him. The bar is in front of them, and there's a couple of napkins and an empty glass with some foam sticking to the side and melting ice at the bottom. Zane says "*Gosh!* It's not at all what I imagined a gin joint would be like! I just assumed it would be wall-to-wall... well, *that* fellow back there."

Panel 6.

Zane and the boys are seated at the bar, Zane next to Maurice, who's next to Morris. The bat cage is on the bar next to Zane. Maurice puts his arm around Zane's shoulder and says, his grin visible underneath his thick mustache, "*Haw haw!* They may not serve gin, but you still gotta know your limits! Mister, a round of *switchwater* for me and my friends! We're gonna *soak our sorrows tonight!*" Zane is smiling, looking anxious but also a little excited.

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