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The background of the strip is black.

Panel 1

Zane is walking alongside Maurice at night. Some windows are lit up in the background, and it's quite dark. Maurice says "Figured you needed to blow off steam since your *scare* last night!" Zane looks at Maurice with a concerned, slightly embarrassed look and says "I was meaning to ask about that. How... *big* were --" Maurice replies "*Haw!*" Oh, maybe a four-foot wingspan! But you acted like you'd seen the *devil himself!*" Note, the type of bat depicted would normally have a one foot wingspan or less, and the bats Zane saw had perhaps an eight-foot wingspan.

Panel 2.

Zane and the three Bottlefly Boys are shown walking in a straight line, in different colored silhouettes. Zane is carrying his bat's cage. The Bottlefly Boys are all about the same body type, but Zane's head comes up to Maurice's armpit. Zane says "I've... been under a lot of stress lately. It's been a difficult *year.*" Maurice replies "Don't feel too bad! Lot of folks in the same boat."

Panel 3.

We see Maurice's back as he walks down the street, with Maris' head partially shown behind him. They are walking towards a dark group of buildings, where a few lights are scattered. To the side are two large banners, with plain backgrounds and geometrical shapes. The largest one is a circle with a line through it over a zigzag line, and the smaller one is a chevron shape with a line in the middle. Maurice says "We count our *lucky stars* we've still got steady work at the mill! Been so busy I almost forgot to hang my banner for Banner Day!"

Panel 4.

Zane looks at another banner behind him, this one with an inverted triangle and a M shape with a line at the bottom. He says "I guess I've been inside since morning." Maurice replies "There's something to be said for working hard, Mr. Zane!"

Panel 5.

Maurice continues, "But if you never *unwind,* you're liable to bust a mainspring! Here we are! You really gonna bring that beast in with ya?"

Panel 6.

Zane holds the cage up. His face is lit up by the bright light coming from inside the building. Maurice is already mostly through the door and holds it open for Zane. Zane says "Mercy's very quiet! She'll be no trouble." Maurice looks at him and says "Quote *Mercy* unquote?" Zane replies, "I've been talking to her all day, I can't exactly let her *not* have a name."

Teaser panel:
From Panel 2, Zane and the three Bottlefly Boys walking in a line. Zane says "I'm so glad you guys are around to keep me safe while I read Broodhollow." Maurice says "We're supposed to be keeping you safe?"

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