Book 1 emblem Book 1: Curious Little Thing Page 50: Boys' Night Out
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Black background.

Panel 1

The antiques shop at night. It's dark out, but all the lights inside are still on, and between how big the windows are and how bright the lights are, the effect is something like a lighthouse. The shop itself still looks uncared for, but the windows are all clean, if still broken in places. The wheel of the spinning wheel and some random junk can be seen through the front windows, and the side window is mostly covered up by the large cabinet. The lights of the building next door are off.

Panel 2.

Someone knocks on the door, making a "Bam bam bam" sound that fills up the left part of the panel. It startles Zane, and he starts, shaking all over, and brings his hands up to his face. His eyes are wide and his mouth gapes open, and he says, in large type, "Hhhaaaaah" and in smaller type "Jiminy Crickets." The bat, in the cage behind him, unfolds its wings to their full wingspan.

Panel 3.

Maurice pushes open the door and says "*Wadsworth!* Are we bugging ya? Heard you were setting up shop! Didn't expect to see your lights on this *late*." Zane, looking at him and sweating with anxiety, says, "Just -- ah -- I've just been *restless*. A lot on my brain, that's all, honest."

Panel 4.

Maurice, with Morris and Maris behind him smiling at Zane, says "The *boys* and I just got off our shift at the mill. On most nights we work up a *powerful* thirst."

Panel 5.

He continues, "If you got *troubles*, friend, we know a good place to *drown 'em!* Whaddya say?" Zane looks away from Maurice, off to the ground, and grits his teeth, looking disquieted and anxious and sweating nervously. He replies, "Well, that's --"

Panel 6.

So far, the background has been dark blues and purples, but in this panel it changes to bright yellow, as bright as the lights coming from the antique shop in the first panel. Maurice picks Zane up with one hand, holding Zane over his head with Zane's bottom and back cradled in his hand, and says jovially "*Haw haw! Knew you'd be game!*" Zane looks startled and anxious, bringing his knees to his body and trying to keep his balance with his arms out. Small lines radiate from his head, indicating extreme surprise.

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