Book 1 emblem Book 1: Curious Little Thing Page 44: Happiness, Health and Serenity
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Panel 1

Zane and Dr. Angstrom are walking outside together. They are surrounded by trees that are bright yellow, orange and brown, and leaves are falling behind them. Zane is looking towards Dr. Angstrom and gesturing, while Dr. Angstrom is walking with both hands in his pockets. Zane says "And then I came *in*, and I started telling you about why I came to Broodhollow --" Dr. Angstrom interrupts and says "I remember the last few hours just fine, Mr. Zane."

Panel 2.

The two of them walk side by side, not looking at each other. Zane has a slightly worried look on his face. Dr. Angstrom says "First of all, I *believe* you when you relate your troubling experiences here in Broodhollow. I believe you have no reason to *lie* about what you've seen. But I wonder if the key to these events is your overwhelming *guilt*."

Panel 3.

Zane turns to Angstrom and, his face troubled and one hand up, asks "Why would *guilt* make me think I'm seeing monstrous bats and ghosts?" Angstrom replies, still looking forward, "The *aspect* of the visions is secondary. It could be related to a childhood trauma. But it *is* a means of punishing yourself the most *effectively.*"

Panel 4.

The panel is filled with Angstrom's large, square glasses which hide his eyes. He continues, "You believe these patterns to protect you -- but they also quote protect unquote you from *joy.* You're one *day* away from the return of Iris's father and a fine inheritance... And yet you are *fully* prepared to *abandon* it and return to a dire situation back home."

Panel 5.

The two have stopped and are looking directly at each other. Zane looks slightly taken aback and Dr. Angstrom's expression is intense. He says "You're a good man who deserves good things, Wadsworth. I ask you to consider the idea that this pattern and its ghostly visions *only* serve to deny you happiness, health and serenity."

Panel 6.

They continue walking. Zane looking towards Angstrom, who is looking forwards. Zane asks "What should I do?" Angstrom replies "I don't have a pattern. What would *your* life be like without a pattern?" Zane says "I don't know. Thinking about that is against the pattern."

Teaser panel:
From Panel 1, Zane and Dr. Angstrom are walking together. Zane says "I'm counting the moments until a new Broodhollow strip goes up." Dr. Angstrom replies, "You can stop counting! Unless you want to savor it."

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