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Panel 1

Zane is in a quiet neighborhood. He has a forced smile on his face, but he looks nervous and is sweating. He says "Hello sir... My name is Wadsworth Zane and I represent Encyclopedia Atlantica. Do you enjoy compiled *data* -- Oh! It's you. Dr. Angstrom, right?"

Panel 2.

Dr. Angstrom smiles, his hand out in a welcoming gesture, as he says "Mr. Zane! Turned your back on the antiques business this quickly?"

Panel 3.

Zane puts his hand to his head and looks slightly embarrassed, although his smile is still wide. He says "Hah hah, no, I -- well, it's complicated... I'm just... Clearing out some *inventory!*" Dr. Angstrom replies, "That sounds rather uncomplicated." Zane continues, "Well, it's *light* out! It'll get complicated at *night*, is all!"

Panel 4.

Zane opens one of the books and looks down at it, the forced smile still on his face and sweat pouring from his forehead. He seems increasingly desperate as he says, "Perhaps *you'd* be interested in this encyclopedia's take on *modern psychology!* It's more thorough than you might think! Here: *classical conditioning.*"

Panel 5.

He continues reading, "Quote Psychoanalyst Ivan Pavlov discovered dogs could be conditioned to salivate when presented with non-food related stimuli unquote. Ha! *Dogs!* Up to date! *Surely* an asset to you why is your mailbox open why did you leave it open." Halfway through he turns his head, noticing the open mailbox, his gaze indicated by a cartoonish dotted line from his eyes to the mailbox and his surprise indicated by small, bright lines coming from his head. He looks shocked and dismayed.

Panel 6.

Zane's smile is so forced and nervous that it's ghoulish. He looks anxiously at the mailbox as he sidles up to it and puts his hand on the door. His eyebrows are knit together, and sweat is pouring off of him. He says, "I'm just going to close it. I'm just going to close it for you. It's better closed. It *needs* to be closed. I need to close it."

Panel 7.

Zane repeatedly opens and closes the door of the mailbox. His smile is gone, and his teeth are gritted and his expression blank and scared. He's shaking, and sweat is falling off his head. Dr. Angstrom watches, frowning.

Panel 8.

Dr. Angstrom asks, "Wadsworth -- Perhaps you'd like to come inside for a moment?" Zane winces, still opening and closing the mailbox door, and says "Can you close the door, then open and ask a *fresh* time?"

Teaser panel.
From Panel 6, Zane is opening and closing the mailbox. He says "Ha ha! I'm having a lovely time here in a town that's pleasant by day and damned by night. I hope the welcome wagon sent coupons!"

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