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Panel 1

Zane is standing in a quiet neighborhood outside the house of a black man who appears to be in his 50s or 60s, has a small fringe of grey hair around his bald head and is wearing a shirt and tie. Zane has his hat in both hands and has an earnest look on his face as he says "The *Encylopedia Atlantica* contains everything you could *possibly* want to know in a single timeless collection!" The man replies, "Do you have anything about... I don't know, home repair?"

Panel 2.

Zane throws out his hands expansively and says "Of course! Just select the topic and the answers are *yours*! Plumbing? Electricity? Lawn care? It's *all* in the Atlantica!" The man smiles and says "A book on home repair would be great! I'll take it."

Panel 3.

Zane looks down, discouraged, and says "Well, there's no single home repair volume. Everything I mentioned would be under "PL-PY," "EA-EM" and "LA-LL" respectively."

Panel 4.

The man replies, "I don't need *all* of "P." I just need the *plumbing* part of it." Zane replies, his mouth wide open in a forced smile and sweatdrops falling off his forehead, "With the Encyclopedia Atlantica, you won't know *what* you need!"

Panel 5.

The man looks concerned and looks to the side as he explains, "I can't afford a plumber. That's the only reason I'd buy a book on plumbing. I don't need three books. Just one book." Zane is still sweating.

Panel 6.

Zane clasps his hands together in front of him and, looking imploringly at the man, says "Well... That's why *today's special* is that... I will... Let you tear out whatever pages you want if you give me five dollars." His trunk is open behind him and contains 24 tightly-packed books with blue binding. A yellow car is driving on the street behind him, and there's a large tree on the lawn with orange leaves that are just beginning to fall.

Teaser panel (no longer included on the Broodhollow website):
From Panel 6, Zane is saying "I'm a proud man, and -- oh, who am I kidding? *I'm not a proud man!* Please *please* read and share Broodhollow! Aaaaugh!"

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