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Panel 1

Zane is seated in Planchett's office. There's a door to his left, and in front of him is Planchett's large, ornate desk, entirely clear except for a pen holder with two pens in it. Behind Planchett is an American flag. Planchett, seated at his desk, looks mockingly at Zane and says "Well, well, well. Look at what we have *here*." Zane says "Hello Mr. Planchett. Thanks for taking --" Planchett interrupts, "Just *look* at the *sorry fella* who just *crawled* into my office."

Panel 2.

Planchett has one hand on his desk and is leaning his head on his other arm, looking at Zane with a superior, toothy grin on his face, his eyebrows drawn together. Zane says "I *know* that you --" Planchett interrupts, saying "*I'm not finished yet.* ... Okay, go ahead."

Panel 3.

Zane looks anxious as he explains, "I never knew my great-uncle, Mr. Planchett. I don't even *want* the antiques shop. I'm only here because of a letter." Planchett replies, "That does *nothin'* for me, kid."

Panel 4.

Zane continues with an imploring look on his face, "I know *you* want the shop. So *buy me out.* I have a legal claim but I'll waive it for a pittance! Just so I don't have to *leave* empty-handed. But I *do* have to leave."

Panel 5.

Planchett brings his hands together in front of his face and looks suspiciously to the side, his eyebrows drawn together. "M-hm. *There* it is. There's the *grift.*" You do me a quote favor unquote like we're *pals.* Next thing, you're waltzing outta here with a *hot hundo.*"

Panel 5.

Zane puts out his hands and says "I don't *want* to be your enemy, Mr. Planchett!"

Panel 6.

Planchett stares at Zane with contempt. "... Where's the rest of the threat? Finish the threat." Zane replies, "*It's not a threat!*" Planchett continues, "Oh, *I* see what you're doing."

Teaser panel:
From Panel 3, Zane is saying "There's a new Broodhollow up. It's not scary though, because it's taking place in the daytime." Planchett replies "I'll be honest I'm a *little* scared."

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