Book 1 emblem Book 1: Curious Little Thing Page 33: Get Home, Wadsworth
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Black background.

Panel 1

Maurice, his eyes still closed, brings the baseball bat down on the bat creature's head mid-jump, making a "Bwukk" noise. The shading is dramatic, and the background is deep red.

Panel 2.

As he wrestles with the bat, he yells "*Mr. Zane!* Get inside, some of them may be *rabid!*" Zane looks on in blank astonishment.

Panel 3.

Zane dodges the claws of another bat creature trying to swoop down on him, covering his head with his hands and crying "Aaah!"

Panel 4.

Morris and Maris pass Zane. Morris is holding a crowbar in one hand, and Maris is cracking his knuckles and grimacing. "*Big* rascals, aren't they?" Morris says. Zane cringes behind them, raising his hands to his face and looking worried as he says "*They're nearly the size of cars --*"

Panel 5.

Maurice turns back to look at Zane, while Morris and Maris continue walking towards the bats in silhouette. He says "*Haw!* Quote nearly unquote! If they *were* the size of cars we'd be in trouble! Get home, Wadsworth. Guess we're gonna be out later than usual."

Panel 6.

Zane is running away at top speed, a dismayed look on his face. The background is almost entirely black, with some red flecks.

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