Book 1 emblem Book 1: Curious Little Thing Page 32: Bat Fight
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Black background.

Panel 1

Zane is running frantically down an alley with tall, windowless brick buildings on either side. He still carries his frying pan in front of him, while his other arm is stretched out behind him. The bell tower rises in the background, and the sky is an unnatural brick red. As Zane runs, he's saying "No no no no no no." The coloring has more depth than the usual strips, and the colors are mottled.

Panel 2.

We see Zane from a different perspective, almost from the top down, and as he runs at least seven of the bat creatures have rounded the corner and are headed into the alley after him.

Panel 3.

One of them, its four eyes glowing, flies behind Zane with its claws outstretched. The background turns to a vivid shade of reddish-purple.

Panel 4.

The creature catches up to Zane and towers over him, bending down. Zane turns toward it, his eyes blank and terrified, and he screams "No no no no no." Then, in larger text, "*no, no, no*." The no's overlap each other and start to run off the speech bubble. To the left of the speech bubble are more No's, placed and sized almost at random.

Panel 5.

Zane has his eyes squeezed tight and his teeth gritted. He leans away from the creature and whispers "Not... *real*..."

Panel 6.

He tentatively opens one eye.

Panel 7.

The monster is still there, its four eyes all glowing and its several sets of teeth bared.

Panel 8.

It opens its mouth, and from inside the second set of teeth comes an eerie, white-hot ball of light. From outside the panel, a voice says, in large text, "Hey."

Panel 9.

The creature and Zane both look up as Maurice jumps in from somewhere behind and above Zane. He's wielding a baseball bat, holding it behind his back with both hands as if he's preparing to bring it down on the creature's head. He says, in large text, "*Up here.*"

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