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Black background.

Panel 1

Zane bends over slightly, hands on his hips and a dubious expression on his face, to get a better look at the tuning fork Iris is holding. Near them two little kids, one white and one black, are happily sounding their tuning forks, and the background is filled with silhouetted figures, circles representing noise and the "ping" of everyone's tuning forks. Zane says, "Everyone just... *has* tuning forks?" Iris replies, "Happy Ouster Eve, Wadsworth! These are traditional! But any noise will do to scare off bad spirits."

Panel 2.

Planchett appears, his head shown in a menacing silhouette, and says "Your great-uncle had a *fine set*." Zane looks taken aback and replies "Excuse me?" Planchett continues, "Did you happen to find it among his things?"

Panel 3.

Planchett is holding a small brown box with gold accents, and he has a supercilious look on his face as he says, "Tradition is *important* in this town, *Zane.* *My* tines belonged to my great-*great*-grandfather." Zane looks nonplussed.

Panel 4.

Planchett opens the box and displays a golden, un-patterned tine with a darker-colored handle resting on red fabric. He says "Modeled after the *originals* in every detail! For a *tasteful* ousting. Not this modern, coarse pot-and-pan bangery!"

Panel 5.

Iris has her arms crossed and looks very annoyed, while Mayor Osgood, holding onto his jacket front with both hands, says reprovingly "Planchett, have you so little sense of community in you? Tradition is important, but so is the spirit of *camaraderie!* Be it tine, or pot or even your *voice*, embrace your brother and make a *joyful sound!*"

Panel 6.

Planchett has his arm gingerly around Zane's shoulders, his tine grasped firmly in his other hand. His eyebrows are drawn together and his teeth gritted. Zane looks extremely uncomfortable, with his teeth gritted as well, and says "Wheee." Silhouettes of people celebrating can be seen in the background, along with the word "Ping" and small circles indicating the sound of the tuning forks.

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