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Dark purple background.

Panel 1

Iris is running, pushing an unenthusiastic, queasy-looking Zane from behind. She says "Oh! Mayor Osgood started already!"

Panel 2.

Mayor Osgood is standing on a large, rectangular wooden platform hung with red, white and blue banners, addressing a large crowd. The whole crowd isn't visible, but I guess that it's meant to represent several hundred people. Iris smiles at Zane from behind the platform as Zane ascends, standing next to the mayor. His posture is awkward, as if he's trying not to move too close to Osgood. Osgood extends his arms wide as he says "... As our parents did, and our parents' parents, we meet every two years, here in this square, for *Ouster Eve.* Our missionary founders signified the *driving out of evil* with a *joyful ring!*"

Panel 3.

Mayor Osgood is smiling widely and holding a tuning fork. The tuning fork is silver and undecorated. Edit: In previous versions of this comic, there was a pattern on the tuning fork which possibly resembled a face. He says, "They believed the ringing of their tines dispelled the darkness. *We* ring these same tines in reverence to our forefathers' sacrifice. And they will ring *again* tonight... In brotherhood, in unity, in the spirit of finer days ahead!"

Panel 4.

Mayor Osgood puts his hand on Zane's shoulder and says "... Oh, and before I forget! Join me in welcoming this young man to our fair town. His name is *Wentworth Zane* --" Zane, looking anxious, waves feebly and says, "*Wads*worth, actually." His speech bubble is halfway covered up by Osgood's next line, "You may have known *young Wad's* great-uncle, Virgil, a keeper of antiques."

Panel 5.

Osgood takes off his hat and holds it to his heart, looking downcast. "It was Broodhollow's great loss when Virgil passed on. But today... *We gain a brother.*" Zane looks sidelong at him, saying in small text, "Well --"

Panel 6.

Mayor Osgood raises his tuning fork in the air and yells, in large type, "*Let the festivities begin!*" All the people in the audience raise their tuning forks and let them ring, filling the panel with large, thin circles representing the sound of the tuning forks. Zane looks taken aback. Edit: In subsequent versions of this comic, some people are holding small hammers used to sound the tuning forks.

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