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Panel 1

Zane narrates, "Hours passed, and a number of nice folks stopped in and offered condolences..." He is sweeping the floor between the two long tables. A voice offscreen says "Hello hello hello?" Zane calls, "You can come in, but nothing's for sale yet, I'm afraid!"

Panel 2.

The voice belongs to Dr. Angstrom. "Ah! New management." Zane waves and says "Well -- kind of. Virgil was a distant relative. The name's Wadsworth." Dr. Angstrom replies, "I'm sorry for your loss. My name is Klaus."

Panel 3.

Dr. Angstrom is wearing a red scarf wrapped around his neck, and he carries a cane with a golden object at the top that looks like a simple, stylized bird's head. He says "I am Austrian, and apologize for my accent. Many here still call me *Dr. Angstrom.* I was a psychoanalyst. Welcome to Broodhollow."

Panel 4.

Zane, leaning on his broom, smiles and says "Wow! I've never met a shrink before. Do you... still... help people?" Dr. Angstrom smiles back and says "These days I'm writing a book! But I'm no longer seeing patients."

Panel 5.

Zane is laying on the flat couch, smiling and looking somewhat embarrassed. "I guess it took a special case like mine to bring you back, huh?" Offscreen, Dr. Angstrom replies "Mr. Zane, you're not my *patient*. I'm helping a friend."

Panel 6.

Zane and Dr. Angstrom are still sitting on their flat couch and chair, respectively, but for the first time their surroundings are revealed. They're in a room with three bookshelves, a table and chair, and an end table with a lamp and an ashtray. Dr. Angstrom says, "You're the one who insisted on lying down in my reading room."

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