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Panel 1

The man in the suit is pointing his finger at Zane and scowling, while Zane is sweating. He says "You must be new here, since my presence hasn't inspired the *extra respect* it should. I'm Rutherford Planchett, local businessman. I own *all* the buildings on this block. Including *this one.*"

Panel 2.

Planchett faces the two of them, still looking angry. Zane looks on meekly, but Iris has her hands on her hips and looks annoyed. Planchett says "This is a *classic scam!* We're supposed to believe the old man's *baby faced boy* just happens to show up on the *last day* before the contents of the building can go to auction?!"

Panel 3.

Planchett continues yelling, "*Fraud! This hoop-faced goon is a flimflam Sam, and I'll* --" A figure in a straw hat with a red ribbon around the brim appears and says "Why the ruckus, Planchett? You're spoiling the quiet of this fine morning!" Planchett whirls around and says, "Mayor Osgood!" Thin lines from his head express his surprise.

Panel 4.

Mayor Osgood is an old white man with two puffs of grey hair above his ears, poking out from under his jaunty straw hat. He wears a tan suit and a red bowtie, and has a wrinkled face and a prominent, rounded chin and jowls. He puts his hands on the edges of his suit jacket and says "How could you have a *reason* to shout down Miss Bellweather and... Hm, I'm afraid I don't *know* this red-suspendered fellow!"

Panel 5.

The four characters are standing in a row. Zane, on the far left, looks shaken, while Iris to his right looks cheerful, putting her fingers together and beaming at the mayor. Planchett, next to her, has his hands on his hips and is staring sullenly at Zane, while Mayor Osgood faces all three of them and smiles. Iris says, "This is Virgil Zane's *next of kin*, Mr. Mayor. Wadsworth Zane." The mayor exclaims, "*Zeus on Olympus!* Today of all days! It can't be coincidence!"

Panel 6.

The mayor raises his hands to the air and walks away, a huge smile on his face. "*Broodhollowans!* Gather round! *A lost son of Broodhollow* has returned to us! What a joyous augury today, on *Ouster Eve!*" Zane stands in the background, looking slightly worried.

Panel 7.

Zane watches him go with a dismayed look on his face. "What is that?" he asks. Iris replies, smiling, "Your first town holiday, Mr. Zane."

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