Book 1 emblem Book 1: Curious Little Thing Page 15: A Night at the Umbra
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Panel 1

Zane narrates, "Let me tell you about the room pattern." Zane is standing just inside his hotel room. The door to the hallway behind him is wide open, and there's a light mounted on the wall. To one side of the door is a green chair, and to the other is a chest of drawers with a large mirror on top. The double bed is near the drawers, and his trunk is across from the chair. He's got his hands on his hips, and is looking around with a small frown on his face. The room is green, with brown carpeting.

Panel 2.

He continues to narrate, "I have to either leave doors *open* all the way, or *shut* them completely." His hand is shown shutting the door to his hotel room. "When a door is open just a little bit, it creates... creates, um... *Unreliability?*"

Panel 3.

Dr. Angstrom interjects "Quote unreliability unquote? In your mind?" Zane replies, "No. If the door is ajar, the space behind it becomes... *Transient?* And... *Unsafe*." Zane is shown with his back to another door which is ajar, frowning slightly and looking concerned.

Panel 4.

Zane narrates, "So I keep closet doors closed. Armoires, drawers. Doors to other rooms." He is peering inside the door, which turns out to be the door into the bathroom. There's a sink on the other side.

Panel 5.

Dr. Angstrom says, "Your mailbox pattern is the *same*... It could be said you try to *exploit* these possibilities, in your favor." Zane replies, "It's *similar,* but it's not the same." "Why not?" asks Dr. Angstrom. Zane is shown back in the main room, buttoning up his blue striped pajamas.

Panel 6.

Zane narrates, "Because with the room pattern, only bad things are possible." He's lying in bed under the covers, squeezing his eyes shut, the closed bathroom door in the background.

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