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Panel 1

Zane is lying down on Dr. Angstrom's flat couch, his face worried, looking up at the ceiling. Dr. Angstrom looks over at him and says "A situation that could have easily turned *bad* was actually a positive experience for you. Would you agree?"

Panel 2.

Zane replies "The Bottlefly Boys, they're all right. *Great boys.*" Dr. Angstrom looks back at his pad of paper and says "Do you feel then... A *pattern* started to work in your favor?"

Panel 3.

Zane turns his head towards Dr. Angstrom, his eyebrows drawn together and a frown on his face. He says "No. It was just decent people being decent." Dr. Angstrom replies "How do you know it wasn't the pattern?" "Because I *know from patterns,*" Zane insists.

Panel 4.

Dr. Angstrom studies his notes as he replies, "Hm... You seem to have created a belief system which can only *torment* and never *reward*. When *bad* happens, the pattern is punishing you for some failure. When *good* happens, you call it mere coincidence."

Panel 5.

Zane, still looking to the side at Dr. Angstrom, looks worried. "I don't want to include *false positives!* You're an *analyst*, you know you have to *account* for things like that."

Panel 6.

Dr. Angstrom, offscreen, says "Then tell me a way it's *helped* you." Zane looks back up at the ceiling and says "The first two nights in the hotel. It was protecting me."

Panel 7.

Close-up of Dr. Angstrom as he says "Protecting you from what? Your skeleton nightmares?"

Panel 8.

A very thin panel, only about a fourth of the size of a normal panel, showing a ghostly figure's gleaming eye through a crack between a door and a green wall. A thin, horizontal ray of light comes from the eye. The crack is too small for any detail to be visible, but the creature behind the door is blue.

Panel 9.

Zane looks to the side, away from Dr. Angstrom, an uneasy, shifty look on his face. He says "I'll... We're getting to her."

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