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Panel 1

Zane is running along after Maurice, who is apparently walking at a normal pace. They're seen in partial silhouette, lit by the row of streetlights behind them. There are a couple of lights in the buildings in the background. Zane asks, "Why do you call yourselves the Bottlefly Boys?" Maurice replies, "We work up at *Bottlefly Mill*. Last couple months we've worked some long hours. We all get off work at the same time, and there's nothin' going on at home."

Panel 2.

Zane, still following a couple of paces back, asks "And you congregate in alleyways, helping travelers to hotels?" Maurice answers, "Haw! You just caught us leaving the speakeasy that's -- Oh. *Oops.*" For the first time he opens his eyes, and he looks slightly worried.

Panel 3.

Zane looks nervous, and he puts his hands up to his mouth to whisper. "A *speakeasy*?! They serve li--" Then, in smaller type, "They serve liquor??" Maurice replies, "Not exactly. Don't get panicky."

Panel 4.

Maurice says, "It's this local bark around here. *Switchwood.* You can brew it, but it don't make alcohol. So it don't break the *law*. Got a kick like alcohol though." Next to his face is a drawing of a piece of switchwood, a nondescript brown branch with five twigs.

Panel 5.

Zane and the Bottlefly Boys are standing in front of the Hotel Umbra, a boxy, nondescript building on the corner of a street. It has two stories and multiple rooms, but the only place where the lights are on is the front office. There's a telephone pole behind Morris. Maurice says, "Anyways, here we are, Mister, uh..." Zane replies, "Oh! Gosh. Wadsworth Zane. And thank you."

Panel 6.

As Zane enters the hotel, Maurice stands in the doorway, giving him thumbs up. He says "Don't know how *long* you're in Broodhollow for, but maybe you'll love it as everyone here does! Heck, maybe you'll end up here *permanently.*" Zane looks uneasy as he walks inside, looking away from Maurice and replying "I -- Okay! Good night!" The inside of the hotel is painted in shades of green, with red carpet.

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