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Panel 1

Zane is walking on the sidewalk, dragging his trunk behind him and reaching out in front of him in a cartoonish pose. He's a few feet away from a lit streetlight. There are a couple of parked cars on the street behind him, and some buildings with no lights in the windows. He strains to pull the trunk, his expression nonplussed, and thinks "What is quote quite a ways unquote? *Number of blocks* would have been more useful. Along with average town *block length*." Then, in smaller type, "... No, no. Now I'm just being greedy."

Panel 2.

As he approaches the streetlight, his back to it as he turns to pull the trunk with both hands, he thinks "*Quiet* here."

Panel 3.

Someone offscreen, behind him, says "Hey." Zane starts and grits his teeth.

Panel 4.

He turns his head quickly, a startled look on his face, and sees the figures of three men, only slightly revealed by the light. He can't see their faces or any other identifying details, but they seem physically imposing. The middle one says "You look like you're not from around here."

Panel 5.

The middle man says "You took a wrong turn, my friend." His face is still in shadow, but his teeth are slightly visible, and he looks like he's scowling.

Panel 6.

Zane backs away from the men, his hands out in front of him and a worried look on his face. The sides of two of the mens' heads are seen in silhouette, and one seems bald and the other is wearing a hat and has a large mustache. Zane says, "Gentlemen, fair warning: my funds are *severely* limited, but you may still beat me up."

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