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White background.

Panel 1

The red train continues along the tracks over flat grassland, trailing smoke through the hazy blue sky. There's a small grove of trees in the distance. Offscreen, the old lady asks "And what do you do, young man?" Zane replies "I'm an encyclopedia man by trade! Although it hasn't been much of a trade in the past year."

Panel 2.

She looks to the side, head tilted towards the window, as she replies "Well, you must be very knowledgeable." He answers cheerily, "Ha! Maybe! The real beauty of having all the world's knowledge at my fingertips is that now, I don't need to know it!"

Panel 3.

She looks back towards him and asks "Is all the world's knowledge joining you on your train trip?" He smiles as he answers, "No, I only had room for my 52-book 'traveler's companion'."

Panel 4.

Offscreen, the woman asks "Is that's what's taking you to Edenvale? Encyclopedia business?" He looks down, a thoughtful look on his face as he answers "Not Edenvale. Broodhollow. And it's family I have there. Well. Had there, apparently."

Panel 5.

She smiles, her eyes closed, and says "Broodhollow...! What a beautiful place. They call it 'The Town of a Thousand Holidays'."

Panel 6.

He says "It'll be my first visit! You've been there, then?" And he looks surprised and continues "...Ma'am?"

Panel 7.

She turns her head sharply towards him, a cross look on her face and her arms crossed. "Young man! You woke me. Instead of talking my ear off, I'd appreciate you letting me rest in peace." Zane looks away, chastened, and replies in small text "I — Yes, ma'am." The backgrounds inside the train in this strip have been shades of rusty red and brown, but in this panel, the background is a dull shade of grayish-brown, as if the color has gone out of the scene.

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