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Panel 1

Zane is in his pajamas, shining a flashlight into the back room and looking anxiously around. The room is packed with large, unopened boxes. One bare light bulb hangs from the ceiling.

He narrates, "The next morning, I worked up the courage to look in the room. Everything was right where I left it: unsold."

Panel 2.

He looks down, touching his hand to his lips thoughtfully. He thinks, "I'm gonna have to start burning these for warmth if I can't think of something."

Panel 3.

He's back in the main room, the door to the back room still open. He re-reads the letter and thinks "This letter took its time finding me, but I've gotta be the absolute last of kin. What if... whatever my third-of-an uncle left behind... Is still waiting for me?"

Panel 4.

Zane is at a train station, walking backwards and grimacing as he pulls his heavy trunk, one leg out to the side in a cartoonish pose. He's wearing a button-up shirt, suspenders, pants and a hat, and beads of sweat are jumping off his face. He's near Platform C, and clocks in the area show that it's 8:01. Although it's a large station there are only two other people at this end, a man in a suit with a suitcase in each hand walking further down the platform, and a uniformed porter checking a pocket watch.

Panel 5.

As Zane passes the porter, he asks "Excuse me! Is this the train for Broodhollow?"

Panel 6

The porter points to the left, and Zane looks in that direction. His eager gaze is represented cartoonishly, with a dotted line. The porter says, "Nope. That is."

Panel 7.

The train the porter was pointing to is a bright red train with gold accents. It looks like it's quite old, and it's covered with blotchy rust or dirt. The porter says "She's actually the last train in service on that gauge of track."

Zane replies "I'm, uh. Honored." The previous panels showing the sky have rendered it in a shade of light blue, but in this panel the sky is a shade of light teal, giving it a subtly eerie feeling.

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