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Black background.

Panel 1

Zane is back on Dr. Angstrom's couch, looking worried. He says, "I had a dream that night."

Panel 2.

Zane is lying in the exact same position he was in Panel 1, but only in his bed, wearing his pajamas. His eyes are wide open and his lips pursed.

Panel 3.

He lifts his head and looks at the green door to the left of the bed.

He narrates, "About the back room. Where I keep the books."

Panel 4.

He sees that the door is open just a crack.

Panel 5.

He opens it a little more, and his eyes widen and his mouth falls open.

Panel 6.

Books are stacked on top of each other haphazardly and strewn all over the floor. Sitting on a pile of books in the center is a skeletal figure, its head bowed, its arms and legs akimbo.

Panel 7.

A closer look at the figure. It looks like it has tattered skin or fabric stitched together over its chest, and one ribcage is exposed. The two sides of its head are stitched together from different colors of material, covering half of its mouth and its nose, and there are stitches over its eyes. The eyes shine with thin, horizontal rays of glaring white light as it raises its head to look at Zane.

Panel 8.

It is completely black.

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